INGENIOTECH offers services, products and expertise acquired after much experience offering solutions.


Our challenge is to provide appropriate measures for each situation, paying attention to the needs of each client. We cover all needs of the banking sector, with outstanding and extensive functional and technical experience in the field of means of payment. We have collaborated with public and private banks.

Health services

We work in the health sector, on a national level, with the aim of benefiting the end user with more efficient services. We have collaborated with hospitals, medical centres and laboratories in both public and private sector.


We have extensive experience on electronic billing solutions and user identification. As leaders in the field of billing systems between medical providers and health insurers, the goal of our collaboration is to provide solutions for technical and managerial aspects, through coordination with the client's targets.

New technologies

One of the main focuses is marked research, training and development of new technologies to provide optimal solutions to each client based on their infrastructure and needs.